The New Age

We are a publisher of non-fiction books – for the digital age!

Getting discovered is the biggest challenge today.  Think about this: Does it really matter which online site your book is listed on (e.g. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple etc.).  Unless people can find you, these sites only provide a way to do the purchase transaction. And they keep a big chunk of the profits that should really go to you.

Yes, millions of people use Kindle, but do those readers even know about you? Are they looking for your book? If they are not, then it doesn’t really matter if you’re on Kindle or Nook or iBooks.

You need to find a way for readers to look for your book, buy it, “read it” on the device of their choice, and then help you spread the word.

The book platforms who take most of your profits only really help with the “read it” part. Buying your book is a commodity, and they shouldn’t be charging you anything for it just because people are interested in your book – and get this – through no help of theirs at all! 

CD is changing the way books will be bought and read. We provide you, the author, the right tools to engage with your readers in this new digital world. That’s the thing that really drives sales, doesn’t it? Of course, we can still distribute your book through all the major distributors in print and online (Amazon, Apple, BN, Ingram etc.). But you know you don’t have to!

Oh by the way, we won’t charge you 30-60% of your profits just for completing the commerce transaction for your book. Because we are operating for the new world. We help you engage your readers, because that’s what really matters for authors who want to share their expertise.


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